During a night shoot in Rotterdam, I met two guys with special bikes. The bikes are known as American Bikes and are mostly handmade; you first buy a metal frame (like a Basman frame) and then customize the bike in your own style. There are various American Bikes like a chopper, a cruiser, a lowroller and a firebike. In the Netherlands there are some clubs, like Chopaderos , which organizes cruises from time to time. During these cruises random places will be visited where members often socialize. Even members from other clubs can join these meetings. There is just one rule; you need to ride an American Bike. The Chopaderos stands for "A drinking club with a bicycle problem". This motto highlights the social character of the club. To join a cruise there are some rules you need to know: American Bikes needs to feature light that can turn on in darkness and a bell that works well. Besides that it is important to respect each other and his or hers bike.

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