Royal GR

Old cars. Old man. Passion. These three slogans are all saying. Summarizing these words the following sentence is created; an old man with a passions for old cars. Enough about that. In a former garage located in Belgium there are over one hundred cars which are collected the past decades. Years and years ago his dad started collecting vehicles from all over the world. Since childhood the old man was impressed of all the steel horses. He became inherited with the passion of his dad. It was very impressive and interesting to hear the stories he told about the cars, his childhood and the adventures he experienced. We walked for a few hours through the garage and almost each car has a fascinating history. Unfortunately none of his children are interest in the collection so hopefully he succeeds to find a someone who will take care of these beauty's. Just a short note; this visit was fully legal. If you are interested in visited the garage, do not hesitate to contact me.

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