29 juni 2015

In 2014 I visited this beautiful location. It is very unique a location like this still contains many old inventory. Founded in the 1870s this large asylum in a Northern Italian town was previously a charity hospital and then a military college. Covering an area of over 160,000 sq.m it had only two patients on its opening day, but it rapidly grew to a house for thousands of patients. It was first used as a hospital for the mentally ill and later it was used as a military academy. The building we visited was known as the building where also people were treated with electroshock therapy and operations to the nervous system.
The asylum closed in the early 1980s as part of nation-wide reforms brought about by the 1978 ‘Law 180′ which ordered the closure of all psychiatric hospitals, and their replacement with community-based alternatives. It has lain empty and abandoned ever since. In 2015 the location is renovated and therefore it is not accessible anymore.

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